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ealasaid's realm


Meet Ealasaid (here) my adopted cyber-wolf and her pup. This is her realm, where she is free to live, raise pups, hunt, and contibutes to my world just by being here. Respect her rights and the rights of her brethran and maybe we can all learn to live in the one world together.

Thank you to the generous-hearted folk at WolvesHome for providing the cyber-wolf adoption service. Click here to see Ealasaid's adoption certificate.

Despite years of bad publicity and persecution, the wolf has managed, somehow to survive. Revered by ancient cultures, almost destroyed by modern beliefs, the wolf is a truly majestic, wild, fierce and valuable member of our world.

Let's keep it that way.

Thank you to Wolff at The Wolff Den for making available this beautiful gift.

I have found a most beautiful place on the Web called "Windows to the Heart", which I invite you to also explore. Touching, inspiring and beautiful - it is a haven for all those who follow the Great Way, and honour the Earth, Stars and Dreams.

Click on the graphic below to find your way ...

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You will find credits and links to the generous souls who have provided the Celtic art, music, poetry and reference material free on the Web, as well as a bibliography of the books and publications that make up a large part of my library and have been a rich resource for these pages in the Credits list.

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