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the high court


During your time here, you are under the protection of the Court. In return I ask you to, on your honour, defend the Court in times of attack, in whatever form, during your stay.

We are honoured that you have joined us on your travels.

For those who have not attended the High Court before, I will guide you through the basic structure of Celtic society. For those who know what to expect, you might like to refresh your memory ... we want no insults given, intentionally or otherwise, during your stay (let's leave that to the Bards, shall we?!)


Grant, O Divine Being, thy Protection
And in Protection, Strength
And in Strength, Understanding
And in Understanding, Knowledge
And in Knowledge, the Knowledge of Justice
And in the Knowledge of Justice, the Love of Justice
And in that Love, the Love of all Beings
And in the Love of all Beings, the Love of Divine Being.

(attributed to the Bard Talhairn - translated by R.J. Stewart)

Who were the Druids? What place did Bards hold in Celtic society? What constituted a King? All written references that we know of today tell different and contradictory tales. But we know they did exist and that they were all responsible for keeping the flame of Celtic lore and knowledge alive for future generations to re-discover.

Follow me through the different sections of Celtic Society, as we explore this complex and mysterious world together ...


Painting by Miranda Gray © Arthurian Tarot Pack

You will find credits and links to the generous souls who have provided the Celtic art, music, poetry and reference material free on the Web, as well as a bibliography of the books and publications that make up a large part of my library and have been a rich resource for these pages in the Credits list.

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