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the green man



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Thank you to all those who have provided Celtic images on their web pages for others to enjoy:

And to those who created such beautiful artworks, seen on these pages:

  • Miranda Gray - The Arthurian Tarot
  • Chris Down - Celtic Bards, Celtic Druids
  • Ian Daniels - Classic Celtic Faery Tales

Bibliography of reference books:

  • "Carmina Gadelica" by Alexander Carmichael,
    published by Floris Books, Scotland 1992
  • "Scottish Customs" by Sheila Livingstone,
    published by Birlinn, Scotland 1996
  • "Spiral Patterns" by Aidan Meehan,
    published by Thames and Hudson, UK 1993

    [For more information about Aidan's books, go to his Home Page.]
  • "Yarrow" by Charles de Lint, published by Pan Books, UK 1993
    [For more information about Charles' books go to his Home Page.]
  • "Celtic Bards, Celtic Druids" by R.J. Stewart & Robin Williamson, published by Blandford, UK 1996
  • "Classic Celtic Fairy Tales" by John Matthews,
    published by Blandford, UK 1997

With special thanks to:

JOHN, my soul-mate and mentor, for his love, guidance, support and sense of humour & WILLIAM for his inspiration, knowledge and love of all things wild and free, including me. I thank the powers-that-be that our paths have crossed again to continue our journeys together

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