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Below are links to information about the various programs running around the world to re-introduce wolves to their natural habitat.

There are many arguments for and against re-introduction. Some are valid, some are not, but the fact remains that we have a responsibility to try and rectify the unbalance we created in the world's animal communities. Wolves exist for a reason - of course they are going to go for livestock - it's easy pickings, but they also keep down the numbers of rabbits, weasels, minks, even foxes. So let's find a workable solution that keeps all of us happy, including the wolves.

Wolves are on the point of extinction. We must take responsibility for this, as we caused this state of affairs. So, therefore, we must take it upon ourselves to be the caretakers of the animals we have hunted and killed - but not in zoos, for who gave us the right to imprision instead of kill? If we do have the superior intelligence, then let's start using it to find solutions for co-existance with all living creatures.

The answer is in our hands.

I can find very little on the web about the Scottish re-introduction program. If you have any urls that cover this subject, then please send a messenger

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