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We find within Celtic fairy tales (or faerie tales) much of the legend and lore that make up the Celtic 'creation myths'.

There are different versions of each tale, mainly because they have been passed down by the spoken word from generation to generation, in different parts of what used to be Celtic lands, and therefore changed slightly with each telling.

But the essence of each tale remains the same, and in some of them we can find references to nursery rhymes, sayings and tales that are still told today in the modern world.


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Each faerietale is read from it's own book - click on the title of the tale to hear.

Come, pull your chair a little closer to the Hearth and hear the tales of ...


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Painting by Ian Daniels © Blandford Press 1997

You will find credits and links to the generous souls who have provided the Celtic art, music, poetry and reference material free on the Web, as well as a bibliography of the books and publications that make up a large part of my library and have been a rich resource for these pages in the Credits list.

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