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Primary chief bard am I to Elphin,
And my original country is the region of the summer stars;
Idno and Heinin called me Merddin,
At length every being will call me Taliesin.
I was with my Lord in the highest sphere,
On the fall of Lucifer into the depth of Hell;
I have borne a banner before Alexander;
I know the names of the stars from north to south.
I was in Canaan when Absalom was slain,
I was in the court of Don before the birth of Gwydion.
I was at the place of the crucifixion of the merciful Son of God;
I have been three periods in the prison of Arianrod.
I have been in Asia with Noah on the ark,
I have seen the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.
I have been in India when Roma was built.
I am now come here to the remnant of Troia.
I have been with my Lord in the ass's manger,
I strengthened Moses through the waters of Jordan;
I have been in the firmament with Mary Magdalene;
I have obtained the Muse from the cauldron of Ceridwen.
I shall be until the day of doom on the face of the earth;
And it is not known whether my body is flesh or fish.
Then was I for nine months
In the womb of Ceridwen;
I was originally little Gwion,
And at length I am Taliesin.

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