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Apart from my partner, work and family, my other great love is all things Celtic. Therefore, this realm is dedicated to the Celt in all of us.

For some this is a recent discovery and acknowledgement, for others it is something that was always known. Many of us living in the "New World" have links to another culture, another tradition, and a large majority find their ancestral origins in the Celtic past.

Although we were born in a different country in a different time, the Celtic influence and tradition is still alive in all of us. And that is what this site is for - to celebrate that connection and contribute to the re-discovery of the Celtic way.

God bless the house,
From site to stay,
From beam to wall,
From end to end,
From ridge to basement,
From balk to roof-tree,
From found to summit,
Found and summit.
- traditional blessing of the house

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