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Hello ~ My name is Nancy Monaghan and I'm an Irish-American educator/author.

Presenting information about our shared Celtic culture is very important to me. I’ve written a series of Celtic mysteries and the first book, THE DRUID STONE, has just been published.

THE DRUID STONE contains two stories: THE SPIRIT STONE, set in Pettigo, Donegal, Ireland, and THE ISLE OF MIST, set in the Isle of Skye in Scotland. My other two books are: THE ADOPTION LEGACY, set in Ireland and Scotland and THE HAUNTED COVE, set in Anglesey, Wales.

THE DRUID STONE is currently available at these online bookstores: and and I'm also offering author-signed, personalized copies from my site.

Buíochas. Ta me mo buíoch. (Thank you. I am grateful.)

Best regards,

Nancy Monaghan
Author, The Druid Stone

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